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An Open Letter to My Best Friend

My dearest baby Renee, Renizzle, Raebae, oh the list goes on...
I am still in shock that this is the end of the summer. Months ago, before I came home from college, we'd text each other the classic "OMGGG I CANT WAIY SUMMWR 2K18 OUR SUMER" with a bunch of typos, because lord knows we type way too fast and don't bother changing words before we send them but can still decipher the language since it's a daily occurrence for us. I am ecstatic to say that these dreams certainly did play out exactly how I had hoped, for this summer was one of the best yet. Between the weekly $5 marg night at El Gato, our classic Friday night food truck explorations, and almost not making it back into America after a disastrous Quebec City adventure (UH, HELLO, WHO LET US DO THAT TOGETHER?!), I couldn't be more thankful to have had you by my side for our last summer together.
Alright, now I'm gonna get a little sappy because I just need to write this all down to look back and r…

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